How to install a Global AGV?

Automation is the future and we have made it easy with our standard product, Global AGV. Our product is user-friendly, easy, and safe to install in existing environments in less than one week.

With the user-friendly touch interface, you can access the AGVs interface via you computer, tablet, or phone, you will always encounter the same simple interface, making it efficient and flexible.

Using a natural feature-based navigation system, the area is scanned and mapped, allowing the AGV to easily navigate the existing environment. It is very easy to map the Global AGV yourself – simply pull it around the environment and the route will be determined.





You will receive your new AGV in a box that is easy to unpack.

Unboxing Global AGV


Map the AGV’s route yourself using the user-friendly training module.

Mapping the layout with Global AGV


  Specify points

Specify locations where the AGV should pick up and place pallets.

Angiv punkter for Global AGV

    Easy route change

Easily create and amend the AGV’s route.

Changing routes with the Global AGV

   Plug n’ Produce

Your AGV is ready to go at the simple touch of a button.

Plug n´ produce with Global AGV

Top safety with proven technology

It is important to us that safety is the top priority when you are using a Global AGV driverless forklift truck. We have equipped our AGVs with plenty of safety sensors, so you’re guaranteed 360° navigation, allowing the AGV to function safety among people and other machines.

If the AGV's route or safety zones are broken by another operating machine or an employee, the AGV stops and keeps a safe distance until the object is removed. Once the object has been removed, the AGV automatically continues its route again.

Global AGV produktvideo

Global AGV - Logistics made simple

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