More than simple pallet transport

A product gains greater value when supported by solid know-how. With over 30 years of practical experience and technical expertise from the Nordic region's largest automation house, our parent company, BILA A/S, we help you simplify logistics.


We provide our expertise at no extra cost—from product launch, sales, technical training, and service. This is one of the crucial benefits that ensure you a strong foundation and the fastest return on investment when working with us.


All phases are systematically organised, ensuring you are in safe hands before, during, and after.

Your benefits with Global AGV

  • Increased efficiency by operating 24/7-365
  • Improved internal logistics
  • Safe working environment
  • Freed-up employee resources
  • Reduced damage to goods
  • Less physical strain on employees
  • 60% savings on simple pallet transport tasks
  • Easily integrates into existing environments
  • Dual mode for automatic or manual operation

The history of Global AGV

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