pallet transport

Global AGV is a driverless truck that automates simple pallet transports from A to B. It ensures the pallets are in the right place at the right time, eliminating bottlenecks and production stops, and freeing up employee resources for other productive tasks.


That's logistic made simple!


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Efficient operation

Global AGV can operate around the clock – except for brief periods when it needs to recharge.


When you automate A-B pallet transportation, you don't waste employee resources on simple pallet flows.

60% savings

Save up to 60% on your daily operations compared to the annual costs of a driver-operated forklift.

What can you automate with Global AGV?

MillPart can extend production time by 7 hours a day with Global AGV

"It took three days to install the AGV.
And it has run without problems ever since.
It's great that it's a tried and tested solution,
so we are not guinea pigs."

Tom Nørsten, Production Manager at MillPart

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Installation in 2-3 days

Global AGV - All-time Great Workmate(s)

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