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Production stoppages, bottlenecks, and delays in pallet handling are expensive and inefficient.


Enter Global AGV! Our intuitive logistics solution takes care of routine tasks, eradicates delays, and removes limitations. Global AGV is easy to use, simple to install, and guarantees safety within existing environments in just 2-3 days.


In other words, streamline internal transportation through easy automation, suited for businesses of any type and size.


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Efficient operation 24/7

Global AGV operates around the clock – except for brief periods when it needs to recharge.

Increase competitiveness

When you automate A-B pallet transportation, you don't waste employee resources on simple pallet flows.

60% savings

Save up to 60% on your daily operations compared to the annual costs of a driver-operated forklift.

Your advantages with Global AGV

What can Global AGV automate?

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