Cut time by 65% per pallet change

Pallet Swap

With the Global AGV Pallet Swap, swapping a full pallet for an empty one is a seamless process. The Pallet Swap enables the AGV to place an empty pallet beneath a full one, allowing the AGV to retrieve the full pallet in one step. The Pallet Swap automatically lifts the empty pallet so that an empty pallet can be palletised once again.

Lifting capacity: 
800 kg.

1240 mm

1132 mm

404 mm




– and now you

can save a lot of it

Today a pallet change takes about 2 minutes and 35 seconds

(Counting from when the AGV is ready in front of the full pallet,
ready to pick it up until the new, empty pallet is ready for palletising.)


Using our Pallet Swap, this cycle only takes 55 seconds


A win-win. You eliminate unnecessary empty
pallet transports and maximise the efficiency
of your palletising.


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Examples of work stations

Swap a full pallet with an empty pallet in a single step

Automate pallet transports like

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