Global AGV L14

Automatic handling of EUR pallets and industrial pallets

Global AGV L14 is a simple stand-alone logistics solution that autonomously registers where and when the pallets need to be picked up and delivered and synchronises with other logistics processes. The model has supporting wheels that enable it to lift large amounts of goods – up to 1400 kg on pallets with an open bottom frame.


1400 kg / 3086 lb

Lifting height
Max. 2844 mm. (112”)
Limit: 1000 mm (39.4”)*

Fork dimensions

60 x 180 x 1150 mm

(2.36” x 7.1” x 45.3”)

Max. speed
1.2 m/s

Get started in 2-3 days
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With flexible route changes, you can easily and quickly install the AGV into your workflow – in fact, you can get started in just 2-3 days.


The L14 has a short payback period, ensuring you and your company have economically efficient autonomous trucks with thoroughly tested technology at a competitive price.


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Highly tuned safety

Standard equipment and options

1. Red spot (warning light) – signals to the surroundings that the AGV is reversing


2. Warning signal (side) – indicators that show which way the AGV is turning and signal when it is in the docking station


3. Load sensor – located on the lifting tower to detect if the pallet or cargo is positioned correctly


4. Safety scanner (rear facing) – MODEL SICK S300 Expert detects objects located in the AGV’s direction of travel


5. Marshalling detection scanner – located on the back of the AGV, allowing for safe and efficient collection and delivery in lanes


6. Fork sensors – located at the end of the forks to detect if something is located in front of the AGV


7. Automatic charging top – allowing the AGV to be charged during breaks


8. Top scanner –  Pepperl+Fuchs (2D LiDAR) navigation laser scanner with 360° view

9. Warning signals (light and sound) – located on both sides and top of the AGV. The signal indicates turning and connecting to the docking station


10. Touch screen – an intuitive interface that gives the operator control and system information


11. Blue spot (warning lamp) – signals to the surroundings that the AGV is moving forward


12. Emergency stop


13. Handle for manual operation – allows for manual operation when switching routes or mapping the AGV


14. Safety sensor (side) – located at the bottom right and left-hand sides to detect objects such as feet


15. Safety scanner (front) – Model SICK S300 Expert detects objects located in the AGV’s direction of travel

Pallet handling


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