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Welltec leverages employee resources better with Global AGV

With the Global AGV, Welltec can improve their production by efficiently transporting raw materials from the sawmill to production, optimizing the use of employee resources, creating a more consistent production, and ensuring a future-proof production environment.

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Driverless forklift truck from Global AGV improves flow in the packing plant at Bennett Potatoes Ltd

Automation with a driverless forklift truck from Global AGV reduces wasted time and improves flow on the packing line at Bennett Potatoes.

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Driverless forklift trucks from global AGV help danpo boost volume, quality and the work environment

Efficient automation at Danpo creates growth and healthier jobs with a fully automated packing plant, where self-driving forklift trucks from Global AGV are part of the solution.

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Driverless forklift truck reduces wasted time and stress in fish plant logistics

When hungry fast food customers in 39 countries around the world order a McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish, Fish McFeast Fisk, or Rye Fish McFeast, they’re digging into breaded fish from the Danish seafood producer A. Espersen. Ensuring success day in, day out, demands high levels of efficiency across the company.

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Brødrene A&O Johansen save 60-80% on their internal logistics

With an investment in three automated guided vehicles (AGVs), the construction goods wholesaler, Brødrene A&O Johansen A/S in Albertslund (Denmark), have experienced an impressive optimisation of their internal logistics and daily manual handling of 800 pallets using trucks or pallet lifts.

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Arla Foods Rødkærsbro

Round-the-clock mozzarella operations with driverless forklift truck.

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Dragsbæk’s AGV solution frees up staff resources

A driverless forklift from Global AGV helps food manufacturer Dragsbæk in Thisted, Denmark, move pallets of margarine blocks from the production line to the warehouse. The driverless forklift technology reduces the amount of manual pushing and eliminates heavy lifting by employees.

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