Dragsbæk’s AGV solution frees up staff resources


Improved work environment

A driverless forklift from Global AGV helps food manufacturer Dragsbæk in Thisted, Denmark, move pallets of margarine blocks from the production line to the warehouse. The driverless forklift technology reduces the amount of manual pushing and eliminates heavy lifting by employees.

Optimised workflows

Freed up staff resources

Increased competitiveness


Previously, the margarine production involved many heavy and strenuous lifts for the employees


Today, a driverless forklift truck handles pallet lifting and transportation. It operates on a fixed route 24/7, moving from the production line to the warehouse, where it places the pallets on a conveyor belt by a packaging machine.


The implementation of Global AGV has freed up one person to monitor and observe the production line, providing an additional quality boost. At the same time, it has also reduced sick days and minimised the risk of workplace accidents.

As part of the industry 4.0 wave, the margarine factory Dragsbæk identified a need for a more efficient production flow which combines staff resources and automation to maximise output. Accordingly, the company chose to optimise its production process with an automated solution from Global AGV and, according to Karsten Rokkedal, Production Manager, Dragsbæk, it is a perfect solution for the company: 


“The AGV has literally taken our production to the next level. Margarine production previously involved many heavy, straining lifts for employees. Now, it’s the driverless forklift that does the pallet lifting and driving, which has greatly improved our working environment, evidenced by the fact that we’ve reduced the sick leave rate and minimised the risk of occupational accidents.”


Employees freed up to boost quality

At Dragsbæk, the driverless forklift solution has not only been instrumenting in improving the working environment but has optimised workflows and freed up staff resources for critical tasks – and it has enhanced the competitiveness of the margarine manufacturer.


“Our driverless forklift benefits both the production process and the warehouse. It drives back and forth round-the-clock every day from the production line to the warehouse, where it places the pallets on a conveyor belt next to a packaging machine. This was previously a manual operation, but the AGV has taken over the job and freed up a person to monitor and observe the production line. In so doing, we’ve intensified our monitoring of the production process, which boosts quality in this part of the process,”

Karsten Rokkedal explains.


He has lead responsibility for day-to-day plant operations. The process must keep going all the time, as weekly production plans are determined down to the minute. This requires a high degree of automation:


“My customer is the warehouse that needs to have the right amount of goods on its shelves all the time. That’s why we decided to invest in a driverless forklift. In order to stay competitive, it is crucial for our employees to keep a watchful eye on the production flow, to prevent costly production stoppages. And the AGV has enabled us to free up resources for this very purpose,” 

says Karsten Rokkedal, Dragsbæk.

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