Global AGV – The World’s Fastest and Easiest AGV Installation

2-3 days of installtion. Years of productivity

Global AGV is simple to install, routes are easy to modify and you can be up and running in a matter of days. 


Sounds too good to be true?


Read along to learn more about the technology behind the game-changing AGV and how you can benefit from it. 

This blog will unfold:

How it's possible to install Global AGV in an afternoon

How Global AGV is a true game-changer in the field

And what an AGV costs

Let’s guess…


When you think of automation with AGVs (automated guided vehicles), you immediately see Mount Everest before you while your hard-earned money takes flight.


First: you’re not alone. Traditionally, three things prevent many industrial companies from automating the logistics of pallet transport in their production: automation with AGVs tends to be expensive, inconvenient, and incredibly time-consuming.




Second: It doesn’t have to be that way. Not anymore. With Global AGV, it is quick and easy to implement self-driving forklifts. The automated forklift truck from Global AGV solves routine tasks and eliminates bottlenecks and production stops – freeing up valuable employee resources for other tasks, e.g., quality assurance.


Install a simple pallet flow in an afternoon

One of the most remarkable features of Global AGV is the incredibly short installation and commissioning time. You can have your AGV up and running in just three days, setting this model apart from competitors.


From the get-go, Global AGV was meant to be quick and easy to install – but through constant innovation and development, the time has been reduced from three months, then three weeks, to a whooping three days, making it the world’s fastest AGV installation.


👉 In fact, you can set up a simple pallet transport flow in only an afternoon and spend the remainder of the three days adding and fine-tuning routes.

3 hours. That’s the time it took to set up this simple pallet flow in the warehouse of a Danish company when we visited with our Roadshow. Generally, it only takes 2-3 days to get a Global AGV up and running at customers’ production facilities.

As simple as an iPhone

Now you may wonder:


“How it’s possible to install Global AGV so quickly?”


Some of the reasons are:

  • The programming of Global AGV is similar to LEGO MINDSTORMS®. This programming approach allows daily users to easily create and customise routes without having to learn complex programming languages.

  • Another reason is that Global AGV uses a drag-and-drop structure with 50+ standard blocks that you can quickly implement when building your route combinations.

  • The interface is designed to be as simple as an iPhone. The intuitive design ensures everyone can efficiently operate and maintain their AGV installations.

  • We have pre-programmed templates that make your job of planning AGV workflows and order management much more straightforward.

And you know what this means?


👉 It means that AGVs are now accessible to everyone.


This is what makes Global AGV truly unique. The need for special PLC skills to control and program the AGV is a thing of the past. A few days of employee training is all you need.

"Normally, it requires a large setup. I think we can handle this ourselves"

Carsten Holmslykke
Production technologist, Skylight A/S

What does an AGV cost?


Investing in AGVs is a downright game-changer—in our humble opinion, of course. And we know you're curious to learn more about the financial benefits.


Actually, the AGV doesn’t need to cost you anything – because it pays for itself before the blink of an eye 😉


The exact ROI depends on 

  • How many shifts it runs per day
  • How many employees you want to free up for other tasks
  • The total cost per employee
  • How many AGVs you want.

In addition to the cold facts, you must deduct sick days, damaged goods, problems with bottlenecks, etc.


Want to dive more into how automated forklift trucks can benefit your bottom line and sprinkle a bit of joy onto your balance sheets? 


Then take a look at this article about the price of an AGV, or reach out to one of us and let's dive into the numbers.

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