What to automate with Global AGV?

What used to be a project for larger companies, we have now made so simple that it can be installed in your production in just 2-3 days. You thus free up valuable time for your employees, which can be used to ensure quality and eliminate production stoppages and bottleneck problems.


With Global AGV, you can automate all simple A-B pallet transports – for example:


  • From warehouse to robot cell
  • From conveyor to stretch wrapper
  • From wrapper to warehouse
  • Long-distance pallet transport


All pallet movements can be tracked from any device, allowing you to follow everything from workflow to flow analysis. This way, you can optimise your flow and save up to 60% on simple pallet transport tasks.

Efficient operation

Global AGV can operate around the clock – except for brief periods when it needs to recharge.


When you automate A-B pallet transportation, you don't waste employee resources on simple pallet flows.

60% savings

Save up to 60% on your daily operations compared to the annual costs of a driver-operated forklift.

More than 30 years of experience

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