What can you automate with your new Global AGV?


What used to be a project for larger companies, we have now made so simple that it can be installed in your production in just 2-3 days. You thus free up valuable time for your employees, which can be used to ensure quality and eliminate production stoppages and bottleneck problems.

All pallet flows can be tracked from all devices, so your customers can follow everything from work-flow to flow analysis, and optimize and save up to 60% on simple pallet transport tasks.

A product gains greater value when backed by solid know-how. With more than 30 years of practical experience and technical know-how from the Nordic region's largest automation house, our parent company, BILA A / S, we help you make logistics simple. We make our expertise available at no extra cost - from product launch, sales, technical training and service. It is one of the crucial benefits that ensures you a strong foundation and the fastest return by working with us. All phases are set in system so you are in safe hands before, during and after.

Global AGV kan automatisere intern transport af paller i din produktion

  • Focus on stand-alone applications
  • Dedicated AGVs positions (pick-up/
    drop-of station)
  • Simple repeated transports from A to B
  • Location: in door, even/dry floor and above 0°.




Quick and easy installation with standard software


You receive your new AGV in a box that is easy to separate.

Unboxing Global AGV

 Generate points

Generate points where the AGV must pick up and place pallets.

Angiv punkter for Global AGV

  Plug n’ Produce

Your AGV is ready to start with a simple push on the button.

Plug n´ produce with Global AGV


Map the AGV yourself using the user-friendly teach module.

Mapping the layout with Global AGV

 Easy route changes

Your AGV is ready to start with a simple push on the button.

Changing routes with the Global AGV


Putting safety first with proven technology 

It is our top priority to put safety first when using the Global AGV. Having provided the AGV with several safety sensors, you are guaranteed a 360 degrees navigation, making it possible for the AGV to operate safely alongside humans and machines.

If the AGV’s route or safety zones are broken by another operating machine or an employee, the AGV will stop and keep a safe distance until the object is removed. After the object is removed, the AGV will automatically continue its route.

Global AGV produktvideo


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