How to scale your production with AGVs

Peak periods, employee shortages and scalability

Like many other businesses, you may also be exploring ways to improve efficiency and reduce costs. We experience that more and more managers are turning to AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) to solve their scalability concerns. And these self-driving forklifts that automate repetitive pallet transport routines around your facilities also offer an economical, safe, and flexible way to scale your operations.

This blog will unfold:

How AGVs can help tackle the challenge of finding skilled employees

How you can scale your production with AGVs

The benefits of scaling your production using AGVs

The Challenge of Finding (Skilled and Reliable) Employees

Do you have a difficult time finding and retaining skilled employees?


You’re not alone.


It's a common challenge across industries, especially for positions like licensed truck drivers in supply chains. Hiring for overtime or irregular hours can be even more difficult. This can result in staff shortages and negatively impact production efficiency.


However, automation can help bridge the gap when there is a shortage of human resources. 


Operations managers increasingly explore ways to assign workers to more demanding and fulfilling tasks while automating non-value-adding tasks. This allows production to utilise available tools to achieve company goals and meet deadlines.


One of those tasks could be pallet transport. 


Businesses often have to take a person out of production when a pallet needs to be transported, which slows down efficiency and disrupts the flow of production lines. Additionally, there is a shortage of employees with forklift certifications, often creating bottlenecks when planning working schedules.



Scale your production with AGVs

AGVs come with many advantages, but one of the key benefits is their scalability.


(with our Global AGV, it’s incredibly easy to get started)


AGVs provide continuous, efficient operation around the clock. They can operate 24/7 without needing a break – except for short times when the battery needs to charge. 


This means businesses can quickly increase their AGV capacity during high seasons or peak periods without hiring more people. This saves time and money on recruitment and ensures that operations continue to run smoothly and without interruption, even during the busiest times. 

Key Benefits of Scaling Your Production Using AGVs


  • Efficient use of resources
    By using AGVs, businesses can optimise the use of space and reduce the need for additional production areas. AGVs can be programmed to follow specific routes, ensuring they make the most efficient use of available space.

  • Reduced labour costs
    With AGVs handling a significant portion of the workload, businesses can reduce their reliance on human labour. This can lead to significant cost savings, especially during peak periods when overtime pay is often required.

  • Increased productivity
    AGVs can work around the clock, ensuring operations continue even when human employees are unavailable. This can lead to increased productivity and faster order fulfilment times.

  • Improved safety
    AGVs are designed to follow specific routes and are equipped with sensors to avoid collisions. This can help to reduce the risk of accidents, leading to a safer working environment for employees. As an added benefit, the accuracy and precision of AGVs significantly reduce the costs of repairing damaged goods or equipment.

  • Easy scalability
    Adding more AGVs to your operations is easy as your business grows. This ensures that you can continue to meet increasing customer demands without having to invest in additional warehouse space or human resources.

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